Howard Douglas King was first published in The Gospel Clarion, a Calvinist Baptist quarterly publication of Thornville Baptist church (where Howard served as a deacon and licensed preacher) in 1974-1980.  He wrote articles on various subjects including Calvinism and the “Textus Receptus” controversy.  While these works show a certain ability to systematize and to handle broad themes, his world-view was still forming, and there was a hiatus of many years before he would write anything that would receive a wider notice.  It was not until 2001 that he wrote his first article on biblical agrarianism for Phil Lancaster’s Patriarch magazine.   Thanks to the Patriarch website, the series of agrarian articles that followed were  given a wide exposure, with tens of thousands of hits recorded.

Encouraged by the reception of his Patriarch articles, Howard began writing and sending out a bi-weekly email magazine  called Foundations.  This was soon picked up by Harry Seabrook and published online at Little Geneva, where it remained until some time in 2007.   In the year 2004, Howard rewrote several of his Foundations articles on biblical sex roles into a book called “The Myth of Sexual Equality”, which he self-published through Xulon Press.  At about this time, he began to post some of his articles in audio format on sermonaudio.com.  The best known was a vigorous expose’ of the New International Version called “What’s wrong with the NIV?”, which was downloaded thousands of times in just a few days.

Howard was diverted from his writing in recent years, but providence has allowed him to start over with this new website, where his best-known works will be re-published, along with several major works that were previously unpublished, and some brand new material as well.

Howard is known for wide learning, original thought, a clear and lively writing style, thoroughgoing Reformed orthodoxy, biblical traditionalism,  and a passion for reformation in every sphere of thought and life, according to the Word of God.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I appreciate your writings very much. Are there other places that you publish things? And do you have a post office box?


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