A Tribute to Donald Trump

In my fifty years as an American voter and an observer of national affairs, I have never been so proud of any President of my country as I am of this President, Donald John Trump. I loved and admired President Reagan. I was proud that I had played a small part in the election that put him in the White House. But by the end of his first term, I was disappointed in him for doing so little to fulfill the hopes of the cultural conservatives – and in particular, the evangelical Christians – whose support had been crucial to his electoral victory. This I attributed to bad counsel; but that is really not an adequate excuse.

President Trump, on the other hand, has not disappointed me.

I am still amazed whenever I stop to consider what he has done for this nation. A list of his triumphs, leaving out any comment, would fill several pages. He has kept, or sincerely tried to keep, every one of the promises which he made to us when he wanted to secure our votes. This is not only rare in elected officials – it is unheard of in a modern President. That he has achieved so much while suffering so many indignities for so long – a constant, protracted flood of abuse, insults, incitements to violence and attacks upon him, his fellows, and his family – a persecution also unprecedented in modern times, almost seems a miracle.

Who else of us could have born it and kept calm enough to work every day, rising up early to attack – not his enemies, but – the problems of the nation, and of the people that he governs? There have been some men of iron like him in history. Limiting ourselves to the last half a millennium, and to secular men, the nearest likeness that I could draw would be between Donald Trump and Oliver Cromwell. You, my reader, may have other ideas; and you are entitled to them, but this is my own.

Not to press a point, Cromwell was a despised “puritan” (or more accurately, what was then called an “independent”) who became a Member of Parliament, then a general and at length, Commander of the Parliamentary army, and finally “Lord Protector”, the supreme power in his England; only because he believed himself to be called of God to do so. He thought that his country needed such a man as himself to guide her through turbulent, perilous times; and finding no other man able and willing to assume that role, he was forced to do it himself. After the war, having led the army to victory, he found it necessary to deprive himself of a well-deserved, peaceful retirement to his country home; in order that he might attempt to rule and unite an almost ungovernable nation torn by party strife. He sacrificed his own affairs and his health to the needs of his nation until the day he died. That, I conceive, is the kind of man we now have as our President. I almost feel that it is unfair of us to ask our Donald to endure another four years in office for our sakes; but to whom else can we turn? He is a man with feet of clay, to be sure; but what a man! What a fighter! Like the great Englishman, he has hitherto been unconquerable!

The time is past when we can afford to bear with the misrule of the two-party political establishment with its “good cop/ bad cop” swindle. That avaricious pack of wolves has been fiddling while America burns (or rather burning it down to warm themselves at the fire) long enough! Enough! I say. Who else but Donald Trump has ever opposed that monstrous combination of pillagers, liars and self-serving hypocrites! Who else has not only opposed, but led a successful attack against those people who had presided over America’s decline that they might fill their own pockets!

Trump is a fighter! We might have preferred a man who displays the same social graces in public as he does in his private life. We would rather have had someone without his history. I would have chosen an orator – not a man who speaks the language of ordinary Americans. But God gave us what we needed – not, (at least in every respect) what we wanted. We do not need, in these times, a soft-spoken man, a man with the manners of an aristocrat, who is yet no more than a reed shaken by the wind. We need a Cromwell, who though possessing the rude manners of a seventeenth century country squire, was a soldier of indomitable will. We need someone who fears God and not man.

What America needs now is a patriot. We need a man that sincerely and passionately loves his country; and that is willing to sacrifice his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor for the nation and the people that he loves. Our Donald is such a man. He has defended us from foreign threats and put an end to the bellicose foreign policy that has involved us in endless and unproductive wars waged chiefly for the benefit of the arms industry. He has made peace between hitherto irreconcilable nations, and extended the olive branch to those who intended us harm. He has used economic warfare – the enormous power America possesses by virtue of its wealth and its markets – to discourage our enemies. But there is an iron fist in this velvet glove. Our military supremacy is such that few, if any, would wish to provoke America to bare its mighty arm! Yes, upon full consideration, I think that I am fully justified in saying that Donald Trump is a true patriot.

There was a day (a long time ago it seems; but many of us will remember it for the rest of our lives) when we went to bed thinking that a certain woman would be the next President of the United States. We could not bear to watch the results of the election come in. We resigned ourselves to the depressing and dreadful prospect that there would be a continuation, probably an escalation, of the ruinous course pursued so ruthlessly and relentlessly by the previous President. America was doomed, we thought. Our hope of a change of course was dashed to pieces. It was over!

But we were wrong! How we exulted, how we danced for joy when we woke up to the news that the improbable had occurred – that the darling of the Left had failed! Some of us had cast our votes against the felonious female who had called us “deplorables” rather than for Mr. Trump. Still, there was some hope in the man who had promised to put America first, and to rebuild our country instead of tearing it down! Perhaps he had meant it. Time would tell: we would wait and see. At least, the worst had been avoided; and we were thankful.

We were soon to be pleasantly surprised. In his inauguration speech, he condemned the former Presidents who sat near him on the dais to their faces! He promised us once again, in no uncertain terms, a radical agenda that would make America great again. And he hit the ground running.

The reforms came thick and fast. He had charted his course, and would persevere in it against all opposition: he meant to keep his promises. And he has. But he has just begun.

There is no need to enumerate the changes that he has made. You will remember a few, though the fake news media have tried to keep them from us. You may be surprised if you will review the partial list of them found here and here and here. There are more than a hundred of them in one of the lists. America has been, to a great extent, renewed. There are limitations to what can be achieved by politics; and our President’s agenda is not identical to our own. But we cannot expect too much. There has been too much damage to repair in a day. Still, there has been an excellent beginning! The crumbled foundations are being repaired. It is truly wonderful to see what he has accomplished in so short a time!

It would be too cold an expression to say that I like the man: I am not ashamed to say that I love him. I do not worship him. But I respect him. I admire him. And I believe in him. If he can overcome the perpetrators of a fraudulent election and claim the victory that should by right be his, he will continue to bring real hope and change to America, as he has done so far.

While very many of America’s people have been corrupted by a Statist education and brainwashed by the organs of propaganda (the media that Trump has branded with the infamous and perfectly true epithet, “fake news”); the large majority of patriotic Americans are behind our President. He has our loyalty and our love. Our word to him is, “Never give up! Never give in! Never concede that the crooked and illegitimate process that the Left call an “election” was won by your opponent. You won the vote; and we know it. You are the legitimate President. They must not prevail!”

I feel the inadequacy of my words. I beg the reader’s pardon. But I ask for your consideration; for I speak out of the fullness of my heart; in sincerity and with conviction. I felt bound to write this – by the bonds of duty and gratitude. I thank God for Donald Trump; and I pray that God would deliver him from the wicked men who lie in wait to destroy him.

God bless Donald Trump!

God bless America!

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