YouTube’s Hypocrisy and the 2020 U.S. Election

Why does Youtube allow ads from snake-oil salesmen (such as doctors who claim that they can cure or prevent almost any disease) and other obvious frauds; and at the same time seem to be concerned about so-called “false or misleading statements” that are really not obviously false or misleading? Why do they insist on putting the label at the top of conservative Youtube channels or news stories that criticize (or even just question) the validity of the 2020 election with the misleading statement that the “AP has already called the election for Biden”? What this implies is that there is no legitimacy in any opinion not sanctioned by the AP; when in fact what the AP or any other news organization says has no authority to declare the result of the election. Any statement they make at this time is no more than editorial opinion.

Until the votes are certified, the electors chosen and their votes cast, the election process is not over. Only by condemning or ignoring the legal challenges that are being made can they pretend to have any basis for censuring those who claim that the definitive results of the election are yet to be determined. But it is unarguable that the election is not over until it can be determined which votes are legitimate and which are illegitimate; and then the legitimate votes counted and the illegitimate votes discarded. Isn’t this obvious?

Many are of the opinion that this procedure is not necessary; but they cannot give a real reason based upon evidence to support their opinion because they do not know (or will not acknowledge) the facts. That there was election fraud has been acknowledged by no other authority than the chairman of the Federal Elections Commission; and the Attorneys General of many states concur. The results have not even been certified by some of the crucial or “battleground” states because so many and varied irregularities have been found. There have been at least eight or nine discrete kinds of cheating documented, some on such a large scale that they could affect the results of the election in several states.

These irregularities (including improper and illegal procedures in vote counting centers: votes having been counted without the verification of names, addresses, or signatures, the same vote having been counted more than once, the votes of dead people having been counted and the exclusion of Republican poll watchers from the process they were empowered by law to verify) are documented in the affidavits of many hundreds of eyewitnesses who have sworn, on penalty of perjury, that they are telling the truth.

So there is no doubt that fraud occurred; and as a country of laws, we must know the extent of fraud and who committed it. There is no reasonable or responsible or honest alternative. One suspects that the reason Youtube and other organizations are pushing for President Trump to immediately concede is – given their track record of promoting Socialist opinions and censuring those of Constitutionalists on their platform – because they do not want the facts to come to light.

The hypocrisy of presenting ads that make false and misleading claims while censuring statements that – according to American law and tradition – are defined as “free speech” while claiming to be a neutral platform that only censures content that is likely or demonstrably fraudulent, is plain and easy to see.

Howard Douglas King

Why I Hate the New Technology

I had a heck of a night. I was up ’til 3 am trying to install a security program on my phone. I started working on it at 10pm. I guessed that it would take 5 or 10 minutes; but it soon became obvious that I could never do it, given any amount of time. You see, there is a whole new smartphone language that requires a translator. The apparently simple instructions are really a code for what you are actually supposed to do. I couldn’t break the code. I gave up trying to do it on my own about midnight and contacted the security software company.

That’s when the real fun began. They boast of 24/7 Technical Support. Well, I admit it’s technical; but it’s a stretch calling it support. There is no phone number to call and get a real live person, like the old days. You have to look at a list of problems that doesn’t include the problem you have; and then, when that inevitably fails, you resignedly check the “no” box to the question they ask you, “was this helpful’. You want to shoot someone (or get someone to shoot you) at this point.

But don’t despair! You can “chat’ with a technician. This means typing your name and phone number and then trying to find the terms to describe your problem to a simpleton. That’s not fair – it’s just that he doesn’t comprehend standard English: his language is “Technese” – an apparent simpleton, then. Now, if and when (think in terms of hours rather than minutes) you finally manage to get your problem across, you will find that this person cannot solve it for you. You are about to be referred to a “specialist”.

You sit on hold so long that you may forget what you were trying to achieve; and then someone comes on to whom you will have to repeat everything you just said to the first technician. The “specialist” will say, “I’ll be glad to help you. What is it that you are trying to do?” and then you explain – again. By now, you would choose strangling rather than life.

But, with a little bit of luck and another fifteen minutes of your time, you begin to make progress. It begins when you are asked “will you confirm that you are trying to do thus and so?” and you think ,”Dammit! I’ve been trying to tell you that!” but you just say “yes”. It saves time, you see. And you greatly fear that he will hang up on you and make you go through the nightmare all over again. Always say yes.

So now, it’s way past bedtime. You vainly hope, in your naivete that you will soon achieve success! Poor soul! You don’t know that you are just beginning. (Perhaps it’s better that you don’t know. You might climb into a bathtub and slash your wrists if you knew.) The next thing you get from your wise guide is something like this: “Just do this and then that.” You want so much to say, “I have been trying to do this and then that for hours, and couldn’t; else why would I want to chat with a tech like you, moron?” But it’s important to be polite, so you type, “I did this, but I don’t know how to do that.”

Then follows an explanation you can’t understand and you have to learn another part of the code before you can understand each other. Next you learn that you have to do something else before you can do either this or that. How, you ask, do I do the other thing? On a good day, you will be told, and the solution will actually work the first time you try. On a good day. There are not going to be many of them. The odds are about 125 or 130 to 1. Still, there are people who win the lottery, aren’t there? So you plod on.

Now, you can do this; but you find you can’t do that. You get a cryptic error message that you have seen several times before and you are back to square one. “What does it mean?” you type. Your expert explains, and you think you know what it means: You have to log into something; so you need to create a password. But “strong” passwords with special characters, etc. are hard to type in exactly. After a couple of attempts you succeed and you finally get to the home stretch. Breathless with excitement, flushed with relief, on the brink of ecstasy, you are about to take the first step – when you feel a sudden check in your spirit.

From here, a modicum of experience, logic and luck will probably be all you need to take you all the way home; but now every move is made with fear and trembling. What if you screw up, and all the progress goes up in a puff of smoke? You can’t bear to think it; so before even doing the obvious, you check with the tech.

“Can I download it now?”


“Should I install it now?”

“You can.”

“What do I do next?”

“Do this.”

“Is there anything else I should do?”

“You have successfully… ” “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

You think for a second and then type, “You can call the looneybin and have them come and get me!” And you collapse.

To Christians Who Will Not Vote

My dear brother Joe,

I find that I agree with much you say; but I am alarmed to hear you say that you will not be voting. To say nothing of your duty as a citizen of our country to vote, or of the privilege of voting; you seem not to understand what is at stake in this election.

You are, of course, correct in saying that there can be no political solution to a spiritual problem. Obviously, a large part of the population is spiritually and morally decadent; but not all. And of those, most are either brainwashed or following corrupt leadership. But there are still very many Americans who are conscientious, decent people just trying to live honestly and take care of their families. We would not approve of their ignorance or worldiness, but we ought to wish them well. And we ought to take care for their welfare to the extent that we can. (Gal. 6:10) The only lasting solution is a spiritual awakening; but just now, while we are praying for revival, we must still take care of the urgent need for their safety and temporal welfare.

Are you not aware that a Communist revolution is underway? Don’t you see that there is a conspiracy of almost all the institutions of society, and the governments of the largest cities — all ruled by Marxists — against our freedom? It matters, Joe, whether this conspiracy succeeds or fails. Are you too young or too unaware to have seen what atheistic communism has done in the past century and is still doing in China today? Are you eager to shed your own blood? Do you want to leave the heritage of slavery and tyranny to your children? What will you say when all this comes to pass and you will remember that you did not do a simple thing to try and prevent it from happening? Can you live with that?

Your vote alone will not matter; but by all accounts this will be a close election, and Christians like you (tens of millions) who do not vote could make the difference.

There is no reason why decent men who will maintain the peace, provide for the common defense, and maintain the rule of law — even Christian statesmen — cannot be elected. If Protestant Christians exhibited the same solidarity that Jews and Blacks do, instead of only acting as uncommitted individuals, we might have Evangelicals instead of Papists on the Supreme court. If the last generation had done that, we may not have had the Federal government complicit in the murder of the unborn and the legalization of sexual perversity. But you say that you will not try to make the world better by participating with the rest of us mostly white Protestant Christians in the one simple thing that we can do to influence our governments?

You claim that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, and I understand your point of view. If you look only at Washington D. C., there is a culture of the elite which captures most of the men we send there. But this is not true of State and local governments — at least to the same degree. There are many honest, able and patriotic Americans who identify themselves as Republicans and work for the increased power and influence of the party. Furthermore there is such a marked difference between what Obama did to subvert and destroy us and what Donald Trump has done to rebuild and strengthen us that I marvel at how an intelligent person like you cannot see the difference!

Under what administration was homosexual marriage legalized? What president made the support of abortion and contraception a part of our medical insurance? And by the way, who attempted, in the name of “reform” to socialize our healthcare system? And having failed to do that, imposed chaos upon a system already unsustainable by the unaffordable care act? Who weaponized the DOJ against his political enemies? Who assailed our religious freedom? Who did his utmost to support planned Parenthood? Who refused, arbitrarily, to enforce our immigration laws?

On the other hand, if you will take a few moments to review the things our President has done: to destroy Obama’s legacy, to end our stupid wars, to negotiate deals with other nations that make our world safer, to protect our rights to keep and bear arms, to freely exercise our religion, and the right to life — you must see the stark difference. It is like night and day.

Is President Trump a perfect human being? Who is? The question is, does he conscientiously discharge the duties of his office according to the oath he took; and does he keep the promises he made to the American people, on the basis of which we elected him? The answer is a resounding yes. As far as I can see, no one in my lifetime has been a better president, based on these criteria.

What about the “lesser of two evils” argument? It sounds pious. But the fact is we will always, in a choice between two men, be forced to choose the lesser of two evils, for all men are evil. All men fail in many ways when they are given responsibility. Even if one man is a professing Christian and the other an infidel, the infidel may be the better man for the job. Every job requires a man who not only means well; but who is competent to do well. We would be foolish to choose only on the basis of a profession of faith, even in church matters. Being a good Christian does not, by itself, qualify one for the eldership.

Americans are in the process of choosing a man who will faithfully execute the laws and defend our country from its enemies – foreign and domestic. President Trump has done that, and he will do that.

Joe Biden and his Marxist handlers will encourage and enable the revolutionaries, criminals, and the citizen infiltrators of our institutions. He will (if he can) destroy the family, and what remains of our freedoms. He makes no secret of his policies, or what he intends to do if he gains office. His election would be a disaster from which I believe we would never recover. I will even go this far: from what I can see, if Biden is elected, America is finished.

Joe, I beg you to consider these things and take the time to register and vote for Donald Trump. It can do you no harm; and it may do great good.


Howard King