Essential Elements Of A Consistently Christian World-view

For any worldview to be considered Christian at all, it must be grounded on the written Word of God, and the revelation of the glorious person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. But a Christian’s worldview may be inconsistent — that is, it may contain elements that are inconsistent with each other. Most of us have ideas that we have acquired during our up-bringing, that cannot be reconciled with the Bible or with Christian doctrine.

The following are some elements of biblical teaching and the teaching of historic Christianity that have often been excluded from the thinking of modern Christians because of foreign ideas that are already deeply implanted before conversion, or because they are the unspoken axioms of contemporary society. These concepts must be rooted out, and replaced by biblical concepts.

The Necessity of Authority and Subordination

The master/servant relationship is inescapable, for it is essential to cooperation and coordination of effort in any task. In the very first relationship – that of man to God, this relation necessarily obtains. The second relationship – that of man to wife – is one of authority and subordination. In the third basic relationship – that of parent to child – the inequality is even more conspicuous and necessary. The fourth basic relationship – that of master and servant – is just an extension of the authority of the father beyond the natural family to another dependent person. All other relationships in a Christian society are based on and patterned on these family relationships.

Involuntary servitude has not really been abolished – except in the household, where alone its harshest features can be ameliorated by caring, durable personal relationships. It is just limited now to impersonal secular institutions; such as prisons, armies, schools, and to a lesser extent, the workplace. Only the authority of the husband, father, and householder has been destroyed.

The Theocratic Principle

Every man and every human institution is and ought to be under the rule of God, period. He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God, who is the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords.

Secularity is Not Normal

We have come to regard secular institutions and enterprises as normal; but God regards every one as insubordinate to Him, as little rebellions, as outposts of the Devil. Every institution ought to acknowledge God and serve Him.

You have the Wrong Universe

Every non-biblical worldview is not only dangerous to the souls of its adherents; but is out of touch with the most fundamental and vital realities. Christianity is not an ideology – it is the truth. If we refuse to accept the truth, it will not prevent our having to deal with it eventually. The man who jumps off a building because he believes he can fly will hit the ground hard.

Damnable Ignorance

The typical American not only does not know what he is doing; but he knows not whence he came, nor why he was made, nor what he ought to do, or where he is going. He ought to know these things. There is no barrier to his knowing these things. So, while it sounds harsh, his ignorance is damnable sin.

Unity, Diversity, and Commonality

Unity of purpose and cooperation in common action are consistent with diversity; so long as that purpose arises from ideals that are sincerely held in common by all. One King – one Law – one people.


Howard Douglas King

August 5, 2015

Revised April 1, 2017